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J-Tech established in 1988, specializes in In-Die Assembly and secondary operation tooling / machines. Over the years we have developed many loyal customers, indicative of our ability to provide technical solutions, our quality of service, our ability to pay attention to the customer's needs and keep current with technological advancements. We strive to provide cost effective solutions and deliver quality products on time.

Our In-Die Assembly solutions increase production, reduces labor, reduces WIP and is being used by major automotive manufacturers around the world.

Components installed by our tooling include: pierce and clinch nuts, SPAC® nuts, pierce and clinch studs, clinch studs, locator pins, Norglide® bushings, standoffs and others. The part material we have installed components into range from aluminum, magnesium, low carbon steel, HSLA up to 1300 MPa material. Material thickness ranges from 0.8mm – 7mm.

In-Die Assembly tooling is supplied for progressive and transfer dies. Components can be installed from the top down, bottom up or cam action. Where applicable we use controlled setting force and positive slug eject. Typical press rates are 20 – 40 strokes per minute.

For secondary tooling we supply stand-alone die sets, robot load machines and operator load machines. The stand-alone die sets and machines can be supplied with manual load or auto feed of components to be installed.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your In-Die Assembly and secondary operation tooling / machine requirements!

If you are looking for other types of special purpose custom machines check out our pictures under the custom machine tab.

SPAC® registered name with RB&W
Norglide® registered name with Saint Gobain

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